FREE 6 drawer dresser. Two of the drawers need some work. All pieces are there. Uses tracks. Need pick up for later today because it is sitting in my kitchen. Hate to trash it because I am sure someone could make it look good again. Heavy but not 100% real wood. (Picture is of dresser on its side) Approximately 62 wide by 32 high and 16 depth Pick up is on Berryhill Road in Milton.
Free for porch pickup in Milton off of Avalon
Free for porch pickup in Milton off of Avalon
Free for porch pickup in Milton off of Avalon
Free crib mattress needs a new home. Is it yours?
Getting picked up in the morning. 7424 Schwab drive 32514
Must be picked up by tomorrow or it goes in trash.
Needs work. Wobbly and needs knobs but free if you want to come get it. Message me for address
Item posted in the Feeding category
PPU only near 9th/Olive Rd
I have lots of wrapped pads, unused can of Dermoplast, and a few leak sheets left. Free! PPU off E Kingsfield Rd in Cantonment. Message for address.
Free for PU or can mail for postage.
Enfamil Coupons
New Ppu Milton near King Middle School Pace Walmart Sunday 4pm Pcola Ashton Bronsham park Friday 10-1030 Possible PM for $20+ Don't bother watching items, usually gone within a week
Free toy, has shapes that go around but wheels are just a bit dented but still rolls
FREE #4 PC DIAPERS, they are ok if baby sensitive to diapers mine is and she did ok.
PPU / Pace (Berryhill @ West Spenser Field Rd) NS Safety First Finger Pinch Guards - used - FREE Child decided to teeth on them, however, they still serve good purpose. I hate the idea of tossing them into the landfill. NOTES: * Holds honored for one hour after questions have been answered. * Item goes to first person who responds sold in the thread or clicks Reserve.
GUC it has been colored on with crayon but can probably be cleaned up Needs some new batteries it has been well loved but still in good condition Must PPU
Has stains from kids pick up only
Solid wood
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